Pocket Monkey 12-In-1 Multi-Tool

Pocket Monkey 12-In-1 Multi-Tool

No more monkey business !

pocket monkey
Pocket Monkey 12-In-1 Multi-Tool (image courtesy of Firebox.com)

This handy device not only helps you out in opening bottles or tightening up screws but can also peel an orange or pick a banana for you, like a real monkey.

Just 1 mm thin and weighing less than 1 oz, this wallet friendly multi-tool is an innovation on a grand scale.

Except for climbing trees like a real monkey, the Pocket Monkey 12-In-1 Multi-Tool helps you out easily in the absence of your toolbox.

For more info: Pocket Monkey 12-In-1 Multi-Tool – buy at Firebox.com.


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